Fishing Vessel of the Future is a short educational interactive commissioned by the the Scottish Fisheries Museum to promote awareness of sustainable fishing. Players are challenged to build their own boat and then take to the seas to see how their choices have impacted their wallet and the environment!


Commissioned in October of 2019 as a long-standing interactive in the Scottish Fisheries Museum; the team set about creating a five minute long experience with a timeless yet relatable art style. We were given a tour of the museum to educate ourselves on the issues facing the fishing industry and inform the design of the game. The result of this was 'Fishing Vessel of the Future', an interactive in which players intuitively feel the weight of their decisions when it comes to constructing their boat and fishing!


  • Colourful gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • Drop-in Drop-out Gameplay
  • Restart to explore alternative choices at any point
  • Available on the web
  • Screen friendly idle mode




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Fisheries museum 50th year exhibition considers next 50 years for oceans
The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther is marking its 50th anniversary with an exhibition exploring the future of under threat marine ecosystems.

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