Follow Seonadh on a Hallowe'en mystery in an alternate-reality game crossing the boundaries of real and digital set in the heart of the Dighty community with a story driven by player participation.


Conceived in partnership with local Dundee charity, Dighty Connect, Seonadh was designed to engage people in their local area and history through a regularly updated blog with an unusual twist. Readers followed Seonadh's gradual possession and the more keen-eyed amongst them were able to spot puzzles hidden on the blog site, Dighty Connect Facebook and Instagram pages. Each week followers were challenged to go out into the local area and take photographic evidence of strange happenings such as Tarot cards, signs or symbols appearing around the area culminating in a Cleansing Ritual at Finlathen Park on the 27th of October.


  • Compelling puzzles
  • Weekly outdoor engagement activities
  • Bespoke player driven story and outcome
  • Engagement via social media platforms


There are currently no trailers available for Seonadh. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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