The Section 3 Terminal Archives are a series of hidden videos aimed at bringing in new recruits to the Section 3 fold and testing the skills of established members. Players download an initial payload of data and through successful solving of each puzzle unlock the address to a new video which includes hints and clues about reaching the next puzzle in the chain.


Created for the Section 3 community and hosted on TheGamerRefinery YouTube channel the Section 3 Terminal Archives were conceived as an in-Universe response to demand from the players of the Halo 4 ARG.


  • A matryoshka of highly challenging puzzles.
  • Real-world cryptographic techniques.
  • Obscuring information with steganography.
  • Engagement across chat programs, forums and YouTube.




There are currently no logos or icons available for Section 3 Archives. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Selected Articles

  • Everyone has been asking for something like this and you just popped in and dropped something better than anyone could have asked for.
    Furiousn00b, @Furiousn00b
How players solved the puzzle.
Halo 4 ARG
Information about the Halo 4 ARG

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